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Pont Jacques Cartier Bridge - Montréal



A bigger house across a bridge or a smaller house near downtown?

Which is best? As you may or may not know, Montréal is an island. A quite big one, but it’s surrounded by water. This means that there are many areas that you need to take a bridge to to access the downtown core. There’s a really interesting area just across from the centre called “Longueuil”. House prices are reasonable ($300 000 to $400 000 for a family home) and distance-wise it’s about 10km away from Montréal.

Sounds great? But what about the bridges? Everyone suggests that the bridges are awful at rush hour and you’ll quickly wish that you never lived so far away. As for us, well we’re going to try them in September and see just how long it takes to cross them.

The other thing we’ll be doing is monitoring the webcams from Transport Québec.  They’re available at this web address: 


If you have any experience of Montréal’s bridges, let us know in the comment box below.


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Moving to Montréal

In two weeks time the whole family will be starting a new life in Montréal. We’ll be posting pictures, our thouhgts, what we’ve done, the people we’ll meet, what we think of the things we’ve seen, so keep checking back.

Hopefully if you’d like to move out to Montréal, or even elsewhere in Canada, our experiences can be a help for you. Let us know what else you’d like to know or see.

At the moment though, it’s back to the boxes and the preparation! See you soon in Montréal.

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