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We’ve made it! We’re now residents of Canada.


Yesterday morning we left an emptied house and took a taxi to Brussels airport. Despite bringing a van, the taxi driver had problems getting our seven suitcases and two strollers in! Eventually we made it to the airport and proceeded to shuttle the two sleepy but excited girls as well as two trollies of suitcases to check-in. This did not amuse a police officier who thought he might have a bomb to deal with, but he didn’t offer to help either.

We boarded our flight to Frankfurt, and all went well, however the flight to Montréal was delayed for a couple of hours so we had to amuse the girls quite a bit. Eleanor visited a business class area and Valentine worked on her walking technique. The Air Canada flght to Montréal was fab: the hostesses were great with the kids, films good, food excellent (I would recommened the Asian Vegetarian option).

Once we arrived at Montréal airport, we went through passport control, told the agent that we were arriving on permits and then passed through to immigration. They took our papers, asked for the flight number and our available funds qnd then we waited for about 20mins whilst she prepared the papers.  After this we went to Québec immigration who were really, really friendly, invited Laurence to an info session and that was it really. But they were really, really friendly.

Then down to the baggage reclaim where we managed to get all the baggage, strollers and car seats onto two trollies. A porter even helped us to move the trollies down to the customs service, to who; we had to say that we were new immigrants. We then had to provide our “Goods to Follow” list which enables you to bring in stuff without paying duty. 10 minutes later we joined the taxi queue, managed to get everything in the car without too much trouble and were brought to the flat.

Unfortunately the estate agent had given us the wrong flat number so we were a bit confused…. but seeing a building that looked like the one in the picture I knocked on the door and it was the right one! What luck!

The flat is great, really well looked after and has a lot of character. It’s five minutes walk to one of the most hip streets in Montréal (Ave Mont-Royal) but is really quiet and very charming.

So here we are, settled into our first days in Montréal.

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