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What’s Montréal like to live in? You can see on any map a list of different areas, but what are they like? Yesterday we went to have a quick drive through the East of Montréal island.

Starting at Ahunstic, we drove through North Montréal, Anjou, Rivières-des-Prairies and Hochelga. In each area we tried to take a typical street to see what the roads and houses look like. The area we like more than the others was Ahunstic as the housing seemed more varied. Montréal North looked from the main road we pqssed along to be a bit run down, but there wew quite some nice houses there. Anjou and Hochelga we saw a lot of white semis. There seem to be a lot of white semis in Montréal. 


Typical White House

Typical White House










Much of the area east of North Montréal until Rivière-des-Prairies seemed very industrial, with quite some heqvy industry including chemical plants. This tails off towards Hochelga as one approaches the Olympic village.

Rivères-des Prairies had some really nice houses and streets, but it seemed a long way away from the centre of Montréal. At 8:30am that could be quite a difficult commute!

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