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Today we visited the Régie de l’assurance maladie de Québec (RAMQ) to finish the registration process. The very first thing to do is to telephone as soon as you arrive in Québec. The numbers are given by the Québec Immigration authorities in the airport. The RAMQ will then take your details down and start the 3 month countdown.

Step two is to present your documents. Being in Montréal we went to their head office. It’s essential to go early, i.e. be there just before opening time at 8:30am. There will be a short queue, but that queue can get long during the day. We were there, waiting time included, for around about an hour – so it wasn’t too bad. During your ‘phone call you’ll get a list of documents to bring – these are also available on the website of the RAMQ.

It’s pretty well organised, you’re given a ticket on arrival for a certain set of counters. You wait your turn, and then an agent will take your documents, put them into the computer whilst you wait at the counter and then send you to have your photograph taken (cost $8). That’s it – easy as pie.


Remember: be there just before 8:30am


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