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Looking for a car in Québec is pretty easy – if you’re looking for a second hand car go to autos123.com and you can see most of the dealer based market there. Once we’d decided what we wanted, we found a dealer with a good selection of models and went to visit.

So we arrived at Mazda Longueuil, looked over the vehicles with the sales rep, Jonathan Lasnier, were happy with the car, but went away to think about it. We returned about three times to finally choose the car we wanted, Jonathan gave us good advice although we had to double check some of the things that he said. Mazda has specs for its older cars on their Canadian website, so it’s good to validate as it’s difficult for a sales rep to remember the features of an older model. Jonathan was a very nice chap, told us about his family, holidays, steered us away from cars he felt were a bit dubious, seemed fine.

Once we settled on a car, negotiated a deal we were happy with, we gave a deposit and everything was fine…. except we had to see the Commercial Director to finalise the deal which would only take about 15 minutes…. and we waited, and waited and waited for over an hour until the children had to go home. During this time Jonathan disappeared from view and we ended up left in the middle of the showroom. This was the start of a pattern of events. Eventually Jonathan and the Commercial Director, Jean-Vincent Bunel arrived and said that they needed an hour with us to explain how things worked in Québec…. but as we had to go we should return the next day.

Of course, we expected that this double-act was some kind of sales trick to get us to buy extras for the car. Over the next few days we tried to get a meeting with Jean-Vincent Bumel and he didn’t return voice mails (always with clients!) and Jonathan didn’t seem to be able to get him to reply either. Of course, the idea of spending another hour waiting in the showroom with the kids was not appealing. We also wanted the serial number to have the insurance put in place, but they wouldn’t let us have it until we’d seen the Commercial Director! How many companies try to make it this hard to complete a purchase?

Eventually we manage to fix a meeting with Jean-Vincent, but of course he is late and we’re…. waiting. Of course he tries to sell us an extended warranty and security etching and…. we said no, of course. Had Jonathan asked earlier, then maybe we’d have said yes. Then after the meeting with Jean-Vincent we had to wait again for the car to be made ready, and then there was no one to sign a cheque for the SAAQ and we waited, and Jonathan disappeared… then we learn that the car is not fully ready as we’d been told earlier it was and we’d have to come back again… and there was still no one to sign the cheque.

So the next day we went back and they weren’t able to finish preparing the car and the cheque still hadn’t been signed and the only person who could do so was out, but he’d be back in 30 minutes… that turned into an hour and of course Jonathan disappeared again….

Eventually we talked to his boss Pierre Lascelles, who sorted out the final bits so the car was ready and we could register it.  

Then we went to the Société d’Assurance Automobile de Québec (SAAQ) at Place Longueuil to register the vehicle only to be told we were missing a piece of paper. So back on the ‘phone to Pierre Lascelles who, to his credit, sends someone to us to bring us the paper within 15 minutes. He then tried to help us register the car, but we couldn’t because we didn’t have Québec driving licences and our passports.

At some point Pierre Lascelles did apologise, but nothing from Jonathan. We do feel let down by him – it’s a shame as at the beginning of the process this blog posting would have been positive and Mazda Longueuil had a good chance of getting another car out of us…. shame.

I don’t want this to sound as though it’s any particular person’s fault. There is a process problem at this company and it’s clearly that the sales rep is not allowed to completely finish his sale from start to finish. If this was the case, I’m sure that Jonathan would have made sure that everything was done on time as agreed, but his hands seemed tied by the need for others to be involved.

Moral of this story: Avoid Mazda Longueuil, if you need to go there speak with Pierre Lascelles and be wary.

When you deal with the government, always take your passports and visa cards/paper with you!

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