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This week we had our first major snow fall of the season here in Montréal. First it snowed, then it rained and then it snowed again. The rain turned to ice, so you have tree branches incased in ice and on the ground a layer of snow, ice and then more snow.

Here are some photographs:


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Winter is definitely on its way to Montréal. I popped out of the car this afternoon to fill it up with petrol in just a tee-shirt and jumper and my gosh, at the end I jumped back in the car again – it was so cold!!

Actually it was around -5 degrees celsius which is not that cold considering that it can go down to -35. It did feel cold though. 

However, with the coat on, there’s no problem at all. I’m as snug as a bug in a rug. It’s really warm that coat and walking outside in the crisp frozen air is actually a pleasure. The legs in jeans start to get a bit cold at this point, so need to get a base layer to keep them warm!


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Yesterday, the 2nd October was the first day we really felt a wintery chill. The sky was overcast and there was a slight breeze (quite unusal actually for Montréal). What really struck us was the feeling of ice on the wind.

No doubt, winter is on its way.

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Is it snowing yet in the cold Canadian climate. Well, no! It’s approaching the end of September and the weather is still really nice here.

The mornings are quite cold, and the evenings are cool, but during the day it’s pleasantly warm. If the sun is out and the sky is blue, which is often the case, the temperature is around 25°c. There is very little wind.

In the evening as the sun goes down the sky is often lit up with beautiful shades of blue, mauve and purple. A wonderful sight.

We’re just waiting now for the snow. It’s due to arrive in December and will stay until around March/April time.

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