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Canadian Sledge for little onesWhen there is a good inch of snow on the ground pushchairs are useless as the wheels won’t turn. Effectively this means that a pushchair is useless in Montréal from December until April.

You won’t believe what’s used instead! A sledge of course! Once your little one can sit up straight, you dress them all warmly in:

  • hat – known as a toque
  • gloves – hint put them on before the coat or buy bigger ones to go over the sleeves
  • scarf or “cache cou”
  • boots – starts at size 20 so once a child is between 12 and 18 months
  • bunting suit

and they can follow you around in a sledge.

When you arrive in Montréal for your first winter you’ll realise that there is a lot ot buy. It’s worthwhile going to the Mountain Equipment Co-operative at Marché Central as they sell good quality stuff at a reasonable price.


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