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We left the US border with a crying baby and a hungry little girl, so finding a place to eat was the top priority. We had a really stroke of luck and came across a gem of a place that made the 2 hour wait at the border almost worthwhile. 

On the Interstate we noticed a sign for a restaurant called “Conroys Organics”. As we’re organic eating vegetarians this sounded like a top place to go – but frankly, would you expect to find an organic cafe in the middle of the country? Well no, but we did.

Conroy’s Organics is part deli, part shop were you can buy food to take out, or you can eat in. There’s a small play corner for the kids and an out door terrace looking over Conroy’s famous cows. The food was devine and being organic the fresh strong taste really came through.

I’d really recommanding coming off the highway at Beekmantown and visiting Conroys, even if you just want to grab a sandwich or wrap to take out and eat on the beach.



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Saturday we spent 2 hours waiting to cross the US border. There was a lot of traffic, much more than usual, trying to get the to Adirondacks for hte day. We arrived just before 11am and left around 1pm, so next time we’ll be leaving Montréal much earlier!

At the border we were asked the usual security questions and were then deviated to a reception centre where we had to fill out a green visa waiver form (one for each member of the family), repeat our answers to the same questions and pay $6 per person (visa, MasterCard or cash). It probably took about 30 mins to do all of this, the other 2 hours was waiting in line in the car.

We won’t have to do this again for the next three months.

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Ah the sun is shinning, it’s 30° outside, what is one supposed to do? Hit the beach – and in Montréal this means go to a beach on a lake. A very popular destination is just over the US border at Plattsburgh. So we (and seemingly the rest of Québec) headed down to Plattsburgh.

There are a lot of beaches in the Plattsburgh area, the best known is the city beach, but so late in the year it was closed. Most of the other beaches close after the Labor day holiday. We were recommended to go to Pointe au Roche and it was a great choice. 

Pointe au Roche is managed by New York state parks and is a domain comprising of a beach, trails and watersports access. This time we stuck to the beach. It’s about 50 metres long, on one side is the huge Champlain lake (named after Samuel de Champlain) and the other side is a large grassed area with many picnic tables and a shower and toilet block. Just behind this is the large car park. It’s really convenient, clean, the water was very warm and the air was warm too despite a few clouds. Above all it was a beautiful and calm location to pass the day. If youhave children it’s a super beach for them to wade on, build sand castles or even take some clay from the lake bed and be creative!

Here are some other beaches in the Plattsburgh area:


Adventure abounds in this six million acre park known for its majestic peaks, countless lakes and outdoor activities.
Discover this jewel on Lake Champlain with swimming, windsurfing, fishing, hiking trails and wildlife preserve.
Explore the western shore of Lake Champlain on this state park’s large natural sand beach.
Enjoy a wilderness atmosphere along with swimming, fishing, playing fields and nature trail.
Visit the largest fresh water beach in the United States.
This beautiful park offers swimming, hiking and biking trails, a nature center and mooring sites.

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