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Walking down avenue Laurier, around the park Sir Wilfred-Laurier, we noticed a home-made ice-cream parlour. Well neat! Good ice-cream is always good, especially when enjoyed at the park. This led us to remark that there are a lot of ice-cream parlours in and around Montréal, and a good deal of of them had home made ice-cream. Yummy!

Even better, quite a few have soy based ice-cream and sugar free sorbets – less bad for your health!


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Coming off the motorway onto Lakeshore Roadat Pointe-Claire is one of the most beautiful sites I’ve seen in Montréal. The sun was glistening off the lake, the trees and grass on the bank were a deep green. What a wonderful sight.

Pointe-Claire is very much cut into two by the motorway that runs through it (Highway 20 – direction Toronto). To the south there are houses in beautiful streets. Everything is very well maintained, even more so than at Longueuil. 

North of highway 20 there are yet more houses of course and a large concentration of shopping malls. The Fairview mall has over 200 shops and is a traditional indoor shopping centre. There’s a wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafes etc, as you would expect; oh and of course there is a food court. Even if you don’t live in the west island it’s worth a visit if you’re into shopping. 

Around Fairview there are several other strip malls with the standard big box retailers. For shops, you’re well served at Pointe-Claire.

The biggest downside we can see about living here is the distance to the centre of Montréal. It’s about 26km whixh should take about 22 minutes, but I’m sure that at 8:30am it will take somewhat more time than that. Pointe-Claiire is also served by a commuter train that is quite frequent during rush hours, but inexistant otherwise. See the AMT website for more information. 

The other thing to note about Pointe-Claire is that there is a lot more English spoken than in other areas of Montréal. Road signs are in both national languages, for example Arrêt becomes Arrêt/Stop.

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Today we’ve been shopping. We started out taking the métro to McGill to pick up the hire car. A Hyundai Sonata: fab car, easy to drive, but it’s been smoked in and is thus a bit smelly.

As we were downtown, we had a quick wonder down Rue Saint Catherine, Montréal’s main shopping street. It feels a lot like New York and the architecture is very similar… except everything’s in French.

After walking a couple of blocks we went for brunch at the Eaton centre foodcourt – had Japanese Edo stirfry. Really good to have some veggies after the plane food the day before! There are 32 “restaurants” in the Eaton centre foodcourt. Wow!

We then went to get SIM cards for our cell phones – 30 EUR each! And then one didn’t work 🙂 After this, home to get some sleep (in theory) and out to Walmart to pick up some stuff… well we filled the car’s trunk, but discovered that there’s no fresh food there. Fortunately there was an IGA down the road so we filled up there. 

IGA has some great stuff, organic food is a bit lacking though. The layout is really good, each fruit has a description to help you choose and there is a lot of choice. There are varieties that aren’t seen in Europe – looks like we’re going to have fun trying it all out.

Oh and the Bagels… they’re so good! Not at all like the rubbery things that you find in Europe. They’re crustly on the outside, soft on the inside – really great!

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