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Would you normally associate the SAAQ with dancing? The SAAQ mandataire at La Prairie donates all of its profits to a local organisation that organises dancing classes for children.

Isn’t that nice?


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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going to the Société d’Assurance Automobile du Québec, the SAAQ, you know how much fun it is to queue. It’s a delightful administrative complex with, well lots of people. You need to go for your drivers licence, car licensing, driving tests etc.

And you spend a lot of time there queuing. Demand is high – it’s like that. There are however other alternatives.

The SAAQ has outsourced some of its activities to “mandataires” – private companies that perform services on behalf of the SAAQ. These are generally much smaller than the main SAAQ office with only a relatively short queue of maybe 20 minutes, or if you go at the right time not at all.

To find your nearest mandataire consult the website of the SAAQ.

Some services are equally available online at SAAQClic.

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