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Cafe post update: we’ve just been to Starbucks today to use their Wifi and learnt that it’s only free if you have a Starbucks card.
At Café Dépôt things were much smoother, we just arrived, opened the computer, clicked OK on the welcome screen that arrived on the browser and we were cool. Okay, it timed out after 2 hours, but we can live with that.
Starbucks on the other hand presented us with a nice Bell welcome screen and asked us to put in either a Starbucks card number, a credit card number or a Bell customer number. Starbucks card holders could get 2 hours wifi free per day, after that it was :
$7.50 for 60mins
$13 for 24 hours
$35 for 30 days
We’ll be back to Café Dépôt next week….

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